About Me




First off, thank you for taking the time to learn a little about me!  Who I am as a person directly affects my photography and I hope comes through in the final product!

As a person I am a native Wisconsin farm girl with the accent to boot!  The friends I have made here in Texas love nothing more than to hear me talk about “snow” and anything else with a long “o” sound.  Along with my accent I have brought with me the values and work ethic that a life on the farm provides.

I strive to make people comfortable in my job as a labor and delivery nurse and as a photographer.  My husband says that is how I manage to capture people for who they really are.  I hope he is right, because that is my goal whenever I spend time with clients.

As a wife I have been married for thirteen years now to a man who makes me laugh, finds me equally attractive in all stages of life and is constantly challenging me to grow and try new things.  I feel so fortunate to find someone who shares my passion for marriage and family above all else, after Christ.

As a mother I have three children who couldn’t be more different.  Owen, my five year old is endlessly curious and doesn’t miss an opportunity to meet the average quota of questions

for the day or try to get one of us laughing.  Abby is 4 years old and loves her older brother.  She is both headstrong and brave!  We can’t wait until we see her take down her brother for the first time!  Elsa, our 16 month old, adores her brother and sister and loves to wear me out any chance she gets. All joking aside, I feel very lucky to have such incredible people in my life!

As a photographer I try to capture the “you” that the people closest to you know.  I try to keep my shoots relaxed and most of all fun!  I find that the best pictures are the ones that aren’t planned.  A good picture can bring out the deepest of emotions in people- and it should.  There is not a greater compliment then when a photographer’s picture can evoke the pride and adoration of a loved one.  I hope that I have the chance to do this for you!

On the safety side, I feel it is important that I keep your kiddos safe and healthy while I spend time with them.  I keep all of my vaccinations up to date and do so for my children as well.  If you are bringing your sweet, brand new baby into my home studio, I want you to know that your baby is safe.


“As a Photographer and Delivery Nurse, I strive to make people comfortable. My husband says that is how I manage to capture people for who they really are.”