Blueberry Buttermilk Puff Pastry, OMG...

With the COVID-19 in full force and the "Safer at Home" order is in place, it's impossible to get out and photograph people! Of course I have my own family, but they only tolerate so much. I'll share those pictures in another post. I have another hobby that I love. That's baking! I love to try new recipes and go for the easy ones that I could literally create in my sleep.

I bought the Magnolia Table book almost a year ago when I visited Waco, TX. After eating at the amazing Magnolia Table restaurant, I had to see if the book would offer some recipes from the restaurant. Yep, It does!

So, with this extra time, and my love of baking, I brushed the dust off the Magnolia Table cookbook, and started a list of the recipes I would try. The first, the amazing Blueberry Puff dessert! My hubby has been craving something, anything, blueberry. A skim through the ingredients and I knew it was the first one to try!

Heavy Cream, Buttermilk, Butter, Croissants, and Blueberries. Duh, This has to be a winner! Hint, It totally was.

This recipe was easy! First you cut up Croissants into cubes. I put them in this cute, vintage pan and quickly realized it wasn't big enough. I transferred the cubes to another pan and continued.

Ok, so I will admit, I love food photography as well. In fact, I would love to delve into business photography and do work with small businesses for their websites, menu's or whatever. I feel like it helps me be a more well rounded photographer.

I took a "flat lay" course through Clickin' Mom's website and it helped with the logistics of this type of photography. You can check out their courses here.

The next part of the recipe was to add the fresh blueberries. I wanted to just keep eating them! Who doesn't like blueberries? Wait. That would be my kids. They thought they were small grapes until they bit into them. lol.

The best part comes up next! The butter, heavy cream, buttermilk, sugar, and vanilla.

You strategically mix these items up and end up with this creamy, sweet mixture that you pour over the croissant cubes and blueberries. The cream mixture was interesting. The recipe said that it could curdle. I don't think that mine did but it definitely had like a skin type layer on the top. I just mixed it up before I poured it.

The dessert went into the oven for about 45 minutes. While it baked, I watched as the cream mixture soaked into the bread cubes, and the edges started to get golden. The smell in the house was a mixture of butter, more butter, cream, and sweet. It was such a yummy aroma.

Once it was out of the oven, we let it cool for a little while. It also needed a little bit to set.

Since I made this for my hubby, initially, he got to be the first taste tester. He loved it! In fact, he had seconds before I even got to try it! The kids tried it too. The oldest loved it, the middle child pulled away the blueberries, and the little decided she wasn't going to touch it with a 10 foot pole. lol!

Yall. Try this recipe! It's in the Magnolia Table book. It is so worth the money. There are so many recipes in it that are simply delicious. They are easy to make, and are common ingredients. No fancy, never heard of, ingredients. Not that I don't like fancy ingredients, sometimes, I want easy comfort food.

Camera: Sony a7iii, 24-70 sony lens.

Lighting: Nikon SB910 and lightbox.

Blue Wood Backdrop.

Get the cookbook Magnolia Table here.

These (Cell phone) pictures were from a year ago already. But needless to say, we had a blast!

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