Senior Photography with Class

When I first started in my photography career, it was a senior that inspired me. She was beautiful and we had so much fun. It then faded away as I focused on newborns. I mean, I was a labor and delivery nurse. I could never get enough of those sweet babies.

I moved to Wisconsin almost three years ago and I kept getting requests for senior sessions. I was surprised when all I ever posted was about babies and families. My clientele went from many to a few so I thought I would broaden my horizons and try it out again.

I have known this beautiful senior for years now. And, sorry not sorry, she is about to complete here first year of college already. I slacked in blogging and now that I have a little time, I want to brag about her. I photographed her family when I first started photography. She was in elementary school. Her mom and I became good friends and we have stayed in touch and I continue to photograph them. I LOVE going to their house because the walls and tables are full of pictures that I took!

Anyway, this girl right here. I love her. She has the kindest, sweetest personality. She rolls with the punches and she is confident in who she is as a person. She is super smart, and is going places. To say I am proud of her is an understatement.

This session took place in the LUMEN Room, in Dallas, Tx. If you are ever there and need a place to rent, they are amazing! Please enjoy these pics, we had so much fun.

She looks just like her mama. I swear.

I have to tell y'all something. Texas High School football games are the bomb! I went to one when I was there and it was so much fun! The parents and students are involved and out to have a good time! They have cheerleaders, the pep band, and the drill team. They do not hold back! Maddi was on drill team in high school. It's a high honor, lots of work, and oh so much fun!

I found pictures that I took at the football game. Yall. This is every Friday Night. Every single game!

Keep in mind, this is a high school football stadium. Not a professional football stadium.

There's Maddi! :)

The marching band. For real! Mind blown.

The whole family is heading to Tx this fall. I have to make it a point to get to another Tx football game!

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